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Supervising Your Va

08.23.2011 · Author: · Posted in Business

Most business owners think that it is laborious to hire a Virtual assistant because of the truth that they are…  virtual (obviously)!  They can not see what they do throughout their period and they’re going to have a hard time monitoring their outputs.

Listed below are some simple ways to monitor your Virtual Assistant:

1. You must screen your VA well. If there are scores given to the VA, it can absolutely help. You will know if he/she is responsible, on time and trustworthy. This can make your screening 50% easier. Bear in mind to scores your Virtual assistant after your project in order that other business owners like you will have an notion of the form of experience you had with that exact staff.

2. Make sure that you hire a VA that is educated with the task. It will eradicate the ‘studying cycle’ and would immediately proceed to the task proper.

3. You should give out clear, as in crystal clear information. Don’t think that your Virtual assistant is knowledgeable enough to figure things out. This perhaps the case, however don’t left this to chance – this may just mean additional time and price if the directions are uncertain to the Virtual assistant. If possible, write every thing – itemized and even step by step. That is perfect if the project is long term, just write it once and it can be used all throughout the project.

4. For the initial days, you could wish to ‘monitor’ them. You need to use Log Me In service ( You possibly can sign up for free. You might be like viewing your workers’s desktop real time. (You can even do this when you have something to teach your Virtual Assistant as a result of you may even manage the VA’s computer). If you will do that, be certain that your VA’s laptop has good specs so that it’ll not decelerate the connection.

5. And at last, the reporting. You could go for the old style reporting, whereby your employees will itemize all the things that he did and e-mail to you. Or you could simply have a Report or Spreadsheet, preferably online, (I like to recommend Google docs), whereby you and your workers will fill out what he has finished for the day and also you in turn can view it. You might randomly check the items just to verify it was properly done.

These are only some concepts on find out how to check your VA’s tasks. Bear in mind, you employed a Virtual assistant to do issues for you, so that you just should learn to trust him that he’s doing the job well (ensure that he is well worth the trust) and simply monitor it randomly. This will provide you with time to do the ‘real business’ for your company.

But for those who feel that you are checking and correcting the Virtual assistant incessantly even when you know that you’ve given all the instructions clear and concise, maybe it is time to discover a different one.

So does it mean that we need to hire a VA that is great and ideal and terrific and fantastic… Absolutely no! Why? As a result of there’s no one like that – effectively not 100% like that. But you will discover a superb one, it’s a must to simply try to find and it on the right places.

Hire a Virtual assistant that is proper to your requirements and it will make your life simpler… trust me on this!

Zarah Pimentel is firstly a really proud mom to a 5year old girl. She is a co-founder of  Hire a VA, an SEO Company in the Philippines that outsources Virtual Assistants and SEO specialists}.  She takes enjoyment in with helping entrepreneurs grow their companies by setting them free in doing basic tasks and aiding them in more ways they can imagine.

For more information about what she does, kindly visit her website, Virtual Assistant Mom.


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