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Professional Article Spinning For Business

08.09.2011 · Author: · Posted in Business

You can get tremendous results in increased traffic and SEO by effective article syndication. However, to do so, you must be sure that you submit unique articles to each of the directories on which you publish.

Are you aware that you have two choices for creating unique submissions for each of your favorite article directories? Clearly, the most obvious of those is writing a completely different article for each one. That alternative can be quite time consuming. Fortunately the other option is much better in terms of the cost in time or money. That option is to spin articles to get unique versions that neither the search engines nor human readers will consider to be duplicate content.

Some people remember article spinning with the early, fully automated computer content spinners that simply substituted frequently inappropriate synonyms for some of the words in the article. Those often produced versions that read much like a fourth grade student’s attempt to produce the number of words (and no more) that his teacher had assigned him to write in a report.

Expert professional article spinning, while it still employs software, employs a far more manual method. The versions of the article that such spinning produces are far better than the fully automated, out dated approach.

Spinning an article to create twenty or forty unique articles is much more efficient than writing so many articles from scratch. For example, creating forty original articles might require an experienced web writer up to forty hours. However, writing a single article and then preparing it for computerized spinning might take someone who is very experienced at spinning only three to four hours–or even less.

A fairly new, unique membership service has a built in spinner and then automatically offers a uniquely spun version directly to websites and blogs that are part of the system and within the niche that you specify. That membership system is My Article Network. It is easily one of the best investments for any business that hopes to use article distribution as well as possible.

Even with the features of that remarkable service, it still take quite a lot of time to prepare the content for spinning. Fortunately there are professional services that will get articles ready for the article network spinner for a remarkably low price.

I urge an online business to check into the value added methods of article marketing. You will be pleasantly surprised at the positive effect on both search engine optimization and your traffic.

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