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Latte Frothing Basics – How to Make Delicious Frothed Milk

08.10.2011 · Author: · Posted in Business

Couple of coffee drinkers totally appreciate the fact that frothed milk is what makes a cappuccino or latte. Without having the milk and foam, it is just plain espresso. Like anything worth finding out, it takes a bit of practice, even probably the most capable baristas have a difficult time at initial. Let us take a appear at the frothing process.

Most experts agree that it really is best to start with a stainless steel pitcher, some cold milk and an espresso machine with a steaming wand. Past that, you can find as several differing concepts concerning the frothing approach as you’ll find blends of espresso.

Stainless steel is preferred for its simple maneuverability, but any non-plastic container will work as long as it’s going to not melt or crack with heat. The kind of milk you commence with depends upon the texture of foam you need to accomplish. The greater the fat content material, the much more dense and a lot more hard to froth the milk with be. Skim milk creates light, airy foam, and is almost certainly the easiest for beginners to practice with.

To determine how much milk is required, fill the cups you strategy to drink from with half the milk the drink calls for. For example, a cappuccino is half espresso and half steamed milk, so you’d fill the cup one-fourth full will cold milk simply because steaming will cause the milk to roughly double in volume. Pour the milk inside the pitcher.

It really is critical that the tip of the steam wand is consistently held just beneath the surface of the milk. If it truly is too held too deep, the milk with scorch or boil just before it froths. If it isn’t deep sufficient, it’s going to blow the milk out of the pitcher and make a mess. Keep the palm of your free hand flush with the bottom of the pitcher. This will allow you to monitor the temperature of the milk with out interrupting the method.

Slide the pitcher away from the machine as to maintain the tip of the wand just underneath the surface because the milk expands. At this point, if the milk is about the identical temperature because the palm of you hand, plunge the wand deeper into the milk to warm it up. If the pitcher feels too hot, turn off the steam and tap the pitcher against the function surface. This lets huge bubbles to escape and assists cool the milk. It’s essential to never ever let the milk boil.

Using a long-handled spoon to cautiously hold the froth back, add the milk towards the drink. Be cautious to pour in 1 continuous stream. A spoon may possibly be utilised to add the desired quantity of froth on top of the drink, but if the frothing is done effectively, the result is actually a fine micro foam that can be poured directly from the pitcher. Cinnamon, nutmeg or grated chocolate can be a good addition to any drink.


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