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The Adversaries of Doctor Who – From the Cybermen to the Daleks

04.27.2011 · Author: · Posted in Movies
Dr Who

Dr Who

Whether it is the darkly efficient Master, the menacing Daleks, the fearsome Autons or the chilling Cybermen the baddies were bound to send you scurrying to hide behind the sofa. Monsters of all shapes and sizes have appeared through the life of Doctor Who. These fearsome creatures first appeared in 1970 when Jon Pertwee encountered them.

The Autons
These plastic, life-size creatures which are controlled by extraterrestrial information called consciousness Nestene. In both the 1970 and 2005 episodes, the Autons smashed through shop windows and began to rampage in the streets, attacking pedestrians.

The Cybermen
They are more famous opponents and re-appeared in the 2006 series. The Cybermen are cold, ruthless robots who appear virtually indestructible. They are hell bent on conquering the galaxy and propagating their species, as most bad guys are. Their only weakness is when gold is rubbed into the respiratory system. Responsible for many a child’s nightmares, the Cyberman continued their species through forcibly converting people into Cyberman through a process known as cyber-conversion.

The Master
He is a master manipulator, he uses hypnotism and his ability to prey upon the weak minded to gain control and further his schemes.

The Daleks
They are fearsome, menacing machines that first appeared in 1963 and were intended by their creator, Terry Nation, to represent the Nazis, their one mission being to exterminate everyone and anything. Before they donned their robotic vehicles, they were a race called the Kelad. Using genetic engineering they removed all emotion from the mutants and created Dalekinium for their protective robotic vehicle. How many of us can remember hiding behind the sofa when their “Exterminate” cry sounded out across the airwaves!

Having been the subject of two movies and appearing in many episodes, the Daleks reappeared in the 2005 series where Christopher Eccleston encountered and defeated them. Of course, these are just some of the best known opponents of the doctor who has faced many enemies. There are many more that we could talk about such as the Sil, Omega, the Yeti, Ice Warriors, Sea Devils, The Rani or the Sensorites, the enemies of Doctor Who have scared generations of children and entertained their parents, and they look set to do so for many years to come.

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